Since the sound is the most important aspect of the ukulele, please download the file you wish to hear,  Download both the koa demo and the myrtlewood demo and make a comparison.  Also, please recognize that the files are compressed, and it they sound good that way, they will be better live and up close.


The ukuleles come pretty much as you see them.  Binding can be varied as can the color and manufacturer of the tuning machines.  Pickups, pre amps and equalizers are available.  String choice is yours, however, I have used Aquila and Worth.  I have not experimented with other sources.

I have deliberately not “gilded the lily” since the sound is the most important aspect of the instrument.  More frills add expense and don’t help the voice of the instrument.

The base prices for the instruments as shown are $795 for the two cutaway designs and $500 for the traditional shaped Mahogany.

If you are interested in a custom instrument, please contact me:

John McDonald •


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